We take the hassle and frustration out of award travel, and help you maximize the value of your points while saving you money and miles.

Why Pay for Our Service?

We offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you do not pay unless we find suitable flights for you. Airlines make it more and more difficult to redeem your miles and points, and we know a lot of tricks to help you maximize the value of your miles. First, we eliminate the frustration of having to deal with the airlines. Booking an award ticket can take up hours and hours of your time, dealing with phone agents who do not even know what you can or cannot book! With our service, you talk to us and do not have to worry about being on hold for hours just to get an agent who cannot find flights. Additionally, we can save you thousands of miles and hundreds (or even thousands!) of dollars! Not all point redemptions are created equal; mileage requirements and taxes/fees can vary tremendously. With years of experience booking award tickets using millions of miles, we know which programs to transfer your miles to and which airlines to fly in order to help you maximize your points. Whether you are looking for flights in economy or trying to book some of the most exclusive first class seats in the sky (we have even booked first/business class tickets for less than some clients were going to pay on their own for economy!), we can help you get to your destination while saving you frustration, points, and money.


How it Works

If you are ready to book a flight, please complete our request form. Just provide some basic information about your trip, as well as how many miles/points you have and with which programs, and then we will research award seat availability and let you know the best options so you can decide which flights will work best for you. We eliminate the difficulties and frustrationswe find the award space, we contact the airlines, we book the tickets. We can also advise you on credit card spending strategies to ensure that you are building up the points balances that will be most beneficial for your travel needs. 




$75 per person, each way. 

Simple and easy! Finding award seats becomes increasingly difficult the more involved an itinerary is and the more passengers there are, and our pricing reflects that. Contact us for pricing on multi-city or round-the-world itineraries as the pricing varies based on how complicated the trip is.

Additional Information

Satisfaction Guarantee: You do not pay us until after your ticket is booked. If we are unable to come up with suitable flights, you are under no obligation to pay. You have nothing to lose! 

Payment Terms & Conditions: Payment for the award flight booking service is due after your flights have been confirmed. If we are unable to find a suitable itinerary, there is no obligation to pay. Payment for the booking service is non-refundable. If you need to make changes or cancellations to your trip after the original award booking has been made, a $50 fee will be charged per trip segment for the entire group, not per person. So if a cancellation is requested for a roundtrip ticket, our fee is $100 whether it is two people or five (if both the outbound and return were booked through the same airline, then just one fee applies).